For Latter-day Saint Parents

Salt Lake Mormon Temple

Parents of all faiths have  faced that moment when their child says he or she no longer “believes.”  My own denomination is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons).  Our focus on prescribed religious practices and their connection to the strong family unit is a hallmark of our faith.  I haven’t lived other belief systems; I can only speak for my own. But when a child leaves my church, it can sometimes feel like the child has left the family.   I will touch on themes common to people of all faiths in the main pages of this blog site. But in future blogs linked below to this page, I will explore the unique challenges to LDS parents. Perhaps readers of all faiths will find common ground.

To Do list for parents“Checking the Boxes” (March 29, 2016) At times it seems that our church is indeed a religion of boxes to be checked. Maybe there were plenty of boxes you did check.  Logically you knew  those were not guarantees of a certain outcome. But in your heart you still expected that outcome as a reward for following the rules.  Read more…



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